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Welcome to the website of Yantai Hailong Plastic Rubber Co., Ltd!

“Hailong Plastic and Rubber” is a brand created in the commercial economy. Bathed in the spring wind of reform and opening up policy of China, Hailong Plastic & Rubber has gone through 10 years of entrepreneurial development process. The 21st century is an era full of innovation and changes, opportunities and challenges.Through continuous innovation of management mechanism, operation method and production technologies, the company grows from small to large, from weak to strong and develops rapidly, now it has become the backbone enterprise in China’s plastic and rubber industry.

Yantai Hailong Plastic Rubber Co., Ltd is situated at the Export-oriented Economic Development Zone, Longkou city, the emerging open city of Jiaodong Peninsula, adjacent to first class Yan-Wei Highway in the north, and next to China’s largest local port, Longkou Port in the west, where there is convenient traffic, developed communications and abundant resources. Founded in 1992, with the opportunity of China’s opening-up policy, the company continues to grow and develop and currently it has already covered a land of 18, 000sqm, a construction area of 8000sqm, had original value of fixed assets of 10 million yuan, circulating fund of 5 million yuan and paid profits and taxes of 600, 000 yuan annually. At present, the company is equipped with 200 employees, 26 professional technical personnel and over 60 sets of various production facilities. Annually, it produces more than 800 tons of rubber and plastic parts, of which the quality has reached domestic advanced level. The company supplies parts for Haier, Panasonic and other international renowned enterprises for years and the products are also widely sold all over the world. In addition, the company passed Certification of ISO9002 Quality Management System in July, 2000.

The market economy is like the billowy tides, and the one who is able to stand the test of the market is a hero. We will continue to uphold the development concept of “Human-oriented, Standard Management”, constantly introduce talents at all fields, strive to innovate and improve management level and remain invincible in the fierce market competition. At the same time, we will return to the society and various enterprise customers with the first-class products and services.

Stand high and look, the horizon is within the sight. Hailong will turn success into motivity, shoulder our mission and jointly create a brilliant and splendid future together with our friends at the historical moment when China is entering the Olympic year.


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