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Comply with laws and regulations as well as the corporate rules and regulations; abide by industry standards and observe the Staff Code of Conduct; set up a good image and reputation for the company; be honest and trustworthy, so said, so done; face up to success and failure, not to shirk responsibilities and take concrete actions to win customers’ and colleagues’ respect; observe professional ethics, be loyal to the company, maintain the company’s interests and protect commercial secretes. Not withhold or make a false report on the work information.


Pay attention to team goals and the overall interests; work together with external and internal personnel to achieve the company’s goals; be company development-oriented, carry out the borderless management thinking, find problems actively and facilitate problem solving through various channels; communicate proactively, encourage the free airing of views, listen to the views of others seriously and make improvements in work.

Good at Learning

Keep an open mind, recognize and learn from others’ experience and strengths; evaluate themselves objectively, continue to improve one’s abilities, make improvement in work constantly and pursue higher performance; broaden horizons, eye on the world, pay attention to leading enterprises and apply all valuable experience and methods in practice actively.


Treat and finish work with a high degree of professionalism, a high sense of responsibility and a professional attitude; work hard, be down-to-earth, advance despite of difficulties and keep perseverance, never give up until achieving the goal; pay close attention to order and quality; reveal problems, put forward suggestions and promote the solution of problems boldly.


Not follow the beaten track, break through conventional thinking, introduce or even create new ideas, new mechanisms, new technologies and new business and brave to make innovation and development; good at seeking opportunities in various environments and conditions actively, seize opportunities and seek for development.

Pursuit of Excellence

Adhere to the concept of pursuing high performance, continue to make improvement in work; not do or do it successfully; understand and recognize the company’s strategy, set challenging goals with a development direction consistent with that of the company and make unremitting efforts for that; be self-confident and make self-transcendence constantly, break through the thinking bottleneck of “impossible”, seek for development constantly, and have the boldness of striving for the first and being a stronger.


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